Loving You

Loving You
Loving you,
Loving you with all your in and outs.
With all your scars and wounds,
Loving you is all I want to do.
Isn’t that what every lover tells you.
So let’s for a second,
Think of something different about you,
About me loving you,
Which reality might agree to.
Lets ponder to think,
Outside the box.
Outside the mundane yet cute everyday muse.
Outside the monotonous.
Outside the everyday.
Outside the predictable.
Outside the usual.
Lets for a minute,
And understand.
Why do I love you,
Or even, do I really love you.
Loving you is a habit,
Or is it a preference.
Loving you is a choice,
Or is it a drug.
I don’t know darling,
I can’t think that far
Maybe I don’t what to.
But for today, the coming week or atleast this month,
I know I will love you.
I don’t know if it’s right or wrong.
Neither do I know what to do.
I don’t know what really love feels like,
Neither do you.
But atleast today, at this moment I do know.
This doesn’t feel like not love,
This doesn’t feel unnatural,
This doesn’t feel forced.
All this feels, is right.
And loving you feels like a part of me.
A part of my being.
– Aditya Mukherjee a.k.a Void

Eroding Love

Eroding Love

Something most Classic Romantics don’t believe in, but only they might face it-

Stay, Stay, Stay, in the festival please,

Stay, Stay, Stay, a little longer they plead.

But I know it isn’t today,

Like it wasn’t all those years ago.

All those hours, wasted,

In search of her, her spirit.

Bloody, sad, and dead.

Well, it is the spirit festival after all.

Now, that I am old, weak,

The story seems a blur.

But I still remember,

The night, where I sat against the floor,

Phone in hand, hair fall & sand.

Waited. All those days, months, years ago.


How i wish………………


Oh wait, someones at the door,

Maybe those children who dress like her.

So to speak.


No, wait.

Its him,

from long ago.

My Captain, my friend, who died also.

“Why are you here?” is what I ask..

“You live a sick life.

We have waited for you, for so long,

Now complete the Ritual.

Say the one thing you regret the most,

And then lets be done with existence and all.”


Was a ritual so silly ever there.

Its a feedback for God, he says.


So after thinking, all those years.

I mummer these words-

“I wish……….I had an eroding love,

Love which would die, eventually.

Die like everyone else.

Die like you and her.

Die and be reborn for someone new.

And not this, eternal one.

Which rots but doesn’t go.

Cause its a curse, If you ain’t together.

Its the worst, If god ain’t you side.

And then you die sitting against the floor,

Phone in hand, hair fall & sand.”

These were the words engraved on his grave,

This day, 50 years ago.


Happy Man

Happy Man

We all wanna be happy at the end, no matter what-

Die a Happy man,

Is all I ever wanted to be.

To smile at death,

That would laugh at me.


To sit there,

With you.

All hands on me,

A bottle of wine at my feet.


And just die,

Nothing amiss.

That’s all I ever aimed to do.


And now,

When death knocks on the door.

I look at her,smiling

All I can say-


” Don’t cry “,

Cause my life seems a little gloomy now.

” Don’t cry. ”

I say, again.

” Don’t cry.. ”

Are my last words,….. I guess.

” Don’t cry “,..

But she still does…,

Smiling at me while shedding tears-

” I wont, promise “.

The last thing I hear.



And smiling,

I close my eyes.

Dying, I die a happy man.

Never to breathe again.

–  Void

I Really Like You

I Really Like You

Hi Guys.

Writing after a long time hope u guys like it-

I really like you,

And I guessed u knew.

From the day we met,

To the day you left.

From all my weirdness,

To my stupid me.

I always knew,

That you guessed it all.

That you knew me,

Like I didn’t know me.

But after 5 years in Hell,

With all the curtains burnt and the windows shattered.

I still meet you everyday.

Right there,

Where it all began,

And right where it all ended.

Trust me, when I say

It pained a lot.

But even then,

I would do it all.

Infinite times again,

And again.

Even if this is what we were ever meant to be.

Cause in the end I did love you.

And I guessed you knew.


From my excuses,

To your perfume.

From the day I called you,

Till Today.

Where I just see that number,


Minutes after cry.

From the nights of impatience,

To the sleepless ones.

Cause I always thought,

You knew all along.

But the facts are as such,

Plain and Simple-

I really did love you.

Even though I didn’t know.

And after all this time,

I see you,

Just the way I used to,

But you never guessed at all.


Naked to my eyes

Naked to my eyes

Well this is something i had been working on.So just give it a read-

Naked to my eyes
People strive
In their life’s
Just to satisfy
The desires of their eyes
But still they never realize
That they still are naked through my eyes.
Times change
But rarely so
People evolve
But never glow
Shine brighter than the sun they say
Well it’s just a way to sway
Like candles in the wind
We all struggle through the ring
By dishonest means they achieve
Wht was never meant to be
While forgetting the pleasure of honesty
But they do still grive
Over the losses that were never their’s to grieve
In the end
They still remain
As naked as they used to be.
Never underestimate
Wht you can be
But here, in the new order
The saying changes,
Never underestimate
My connections, you see
The irony in all of it
That they blame me for their fate
Which was never written by me.
To be great
U need to cheat
But to be happy
U just need peace
Peace like no other
Content like no other
Guilt of wht has occurred
And acceptance above all others
Just to be happy
U don’t need money
U need a smile and a little charity
And then do u truly be clothed
Through the eyes
Of me.
– Void


Well i planned on putting a picture but none could do justice to this.(pronounce Z as Zee)-

A to Z,

A to Z,

It all comes back to me.

Farewell’s today,

Or was it years ago.

Sitting on the chair,

Watching the show.

Feeling the sorrow, of letting go.



A to Z,

A to Z,

It all comes back to me.

How I wish to stroll,

Those old halls once again.

To sit in those chairs,

And write again.

To look at her once more,

Sitting in peace, all alone.

To hear all of you again.

Jitters,chatters all over again.

To be the carefree soul once more.

But you and I both know,

There’s no going back to the place before.

To be ‘me’ at that age again,

Is indeed a blessing, that no one will ever attain.

As life moves once again,

And leaves bitter,happy faces in the sand.



A to Z,

A to Z,

It all comes back to me again.

How I realize,

We were close,

Loved each other even more.

And as life moved ahead,

Distances became the new threat.

At that time, all i could think was,

What of ‘me’, ‘you’ and us?

What of the bounds we created in ‘here’?

What of the years we spent sitting together ‘here’?

All this in mind,

And all I could just say-

“Don’t ever forget me” again.

– Void

Liquor on your Breath

Liquor on your Breath

EC, a very good friend, poet and footballer.And i love the works.Especially this one-

There’s liquor on your breath,

Your eyes red,

“Go to your room and lock the door”, mommy says.

I oblige, Then close my eyes,

Trying to escape from her pleas, her cries.

Mama says she’s fine,

Though the scars on her skin,

State otherwise.


There’s liquor on your breath again,

I run out the back, and hide,

Hoping your anger will soon subside.

I guess I’ll know about the damage done,

When I walk back in and wipe off the blood.


I don’t know if there’s liquor in your breath again,

All I know is,

You’re behind bars,

Mum hides in the stars,

And all I have are,

A few scars,

On my aching heart.